Nascom File Library

Copyright notice.
Let me first say that all programs, documentation e.t.c. on this site is the property of the original copyright owners. It is made available here for educational purposes. If you are an original copyright owner, and object to my making the material available, please email me, and I will remove the material immediately.
Copyright lasts for decades, computers lasts only a few years. Most Nascom’s were put in the cellar in the beginning of the ’80’ies, when another machine got the attention, so I suppose there is no harm in making this material available. The Nascom was (is) a great machine for learning microprocessor basics.

Below is a list of files I have available for the Nascom-2. They are in the standard Nascom Tape format, made by the “G” command. Most of these will run nicely on the simulator.
If you have a Nascom program which is not listed here, just email it to me, and I will put it on the list. Filename Size

[Note] For the young ones of you, the sizes are in BYTES !, not kilo- or Mega-bytes like is normal today.