Nascom-2 Emulator

The Nascom-2 emulator is a work in progress. It is an attempt to fully emulate a Nascom-2 computer.

Currently, it fully emulates a Z-80 processor (with one or two minor flaws), as well as some of the Nascom-2 hardware, such as memory, UART, keyboard input and some onboard I/O.

The memory is fully configurable in size, and type (RAM/ROM). Fileimages of the original monitor, BASIC and other ROM’s can be mapped into any memory location. The tape interface is simulated using PC files for input and output.

The emulation speed is adjustable, and on my 450 MHz Pentium III, it can run the emulation at up to 35 MHz.
The original Nascom-2 ran at 4 MHz !!!!

The emulator is based on a flexible Z-80 simulation core, onto which various hardware can be mapped.

The emulator trace window shows disassembly of the Z-80 code, marking the instruction currently being executed, as well as the breakpoints which has been set.
The memory window shows memory contents, and allows changes to be made on the fly.
The register window show the current value of all CPU registers, which can be edited on the fly.
The only actual Nascom window is the screen window, which shows an exact copy of the program as it would have looked on a real Nascom-2.

Click on the picture below to see a full size screenshot of the simulator (996*778 pixels, 209 k).

The emulator is available for download. Note that it is a work in progress, and some functions may not be logical.
But it works, and runs most of the programs in the File Library.

Download Nasemu 1.0 (845 kB)