Nascom nostalgia

“Nascom ??? What the heck is that ??”, you might say.

It all happened in the days before The Great Distraction. (The Great Distraction, is another story, but here you can see the BIOS chip it contained),

Well, a Nascom, or to be more exact, a Nascom-2, was my first (well, not really, I had a Motorola D2 kit before that) computer. You youngsters out there, may have trouble calling it a computer. You’d more likely call it a piece of junk.

But, back in 1979 when I bought it (for a small fortune!), it was the state of the art. (At that time, HW development was so quick, that state of the art got old over lunch !)
It could run such fine games as Pacman, Breakout, Falling Stones, Night Driver, and many others, as well as a number of development tools. (pictures taken from my Nascom emulator).

I recently came across a page on the net, which described the Nascom computers. I came to think of my own poor old Nascom-2, which have been confined to a cold shed for almost 20 years.
Compared to the fun I had with it, a sentence like that is tough and undeserved. (Not according to my wife, though. She would’ve opted for a death sentence !)
Well, but Micks pages gave me the idea, that everybody should be able to try running a Nascom, so this page came to be, and here’s what’s currently on offer :

Ancient History More about my Nascom, this page, and me
Nascom-2 Emulator Travel 20 years back in time
File Library Stuff to run on the emulator (or on the real thing, if you have one)
Documentation Scanned Nascom Documentation
Mail me With questions and comments on the site
Links Other people who can’t forget

Please note that these pages are under permanent construction, and I still have some material to add.
Be sure to check back and read more stuff about the Nascom.