Welcome to my yampp project pages !

“So what is yampp ???”, you may wonder if you’re a newcomer here.

Well, so it’s another MP-3 Player. So what ? It seems that today, about second site on the ‘net has a description of how to build your own MP-3 Player for the Car, Home, Jogging, Bathtub (insert your favourite here).

This may be, but at least they are all different (more or less).

And my Player, is better, faster, cheaper, higher, quicker e.t.c. that all the others, ofcourse. (At least that’s what I think. Otherwise these pages would have been pretty useless.

All yampp code is released under the GPL, meaning the source code is freely available.

So, check around and see it there’s anything you can use.

Also, don’t miss my other AVR pages where you can find some interesting circuits.

Please note that these pages are under permanent construction., so be sure to check back and read more stuff about the player as the story unfolds.


How yampp came to be….
Well, it all started when I saw Hugo Fiennes player, the MP3Mobile, later to be empeg.
For a long time, I’d wanted to digitalize my old LP records, so I could play them in the car.
So with this MP3 player, I could fullfill my dreams.

So I also got me a PCM-5862 board and built a MP-3 player with that. But it was rather big and clumsy and needed a lot of power, so I never really installed it in the car.

Other people also started to build players with various processors, and I decided to build one using a Hitachi processor (see more on the hardware pages).
I have now put all my records on a Linux server, and the plan is now to use the PCM-5862 board together with a laptop display with a touch-screen, as a home stereo.

I still need the car player though, and that’s where yampp comes in.


VLSI Solution Oy
Hitachi Flash CPU's


EAGLE Schematic and Board layout program
AVR-GCC for Windows
AVR-Studio from Atmel (and other tools)
AVR Getting started code from Volker Oth

Prototype Boards

Olimex Prototypes
PCB-POOL Prototypes
OptiCompo - Makers of the nice letATwork board


ATA stuff


FTDI's easy-to-use USB chips
USB Designer Links
USB Design by Example by John Hyde

Other Players

LOETRONIC - contains the FALLGUY MP3 player
MPFreeZone - Players from Carel in South Africa
A collection of MP3 Projects
Paul & Robins MP3 Player
Gregor's megaPEG
k/os MP3 Project
MP3 Standalone player
68HC11 based player

MP3 Music

The Infamous Napster