Nascom File Library Copyright notice.Let me first say that all programs, documentation e.t.c. on this site is the property of the original copyright owners. It is made available here for educational purposes. If you are an original copyright owner, and object to my making the material available, please email me, and I will remove the … Read more


Nascom-2 Emulator The Nascom-2 emulator is a work in progress. It is an attempt to fully emulate a Nascom-2 computer. Currently, it fully emulates a Z-80 processor (with one or two minor flaws), as well as some of the Nascom-2 hardware, such as memory, UART, keyboard input and some onboard I/O. The memory is fully … Read more


What’s this all about ? The main idea of this page, is to make the fun of a Nascom-2 available to anyone who’s interested.The Nascom computers were great machines, and is part of the computing history, especially in the UK, Denmark and Sweden. I started this page after having visited Micks page, which goes into … Read more


Nascom nostalgia “Nascom ??? What the heck is that ??”, you might say. It all happened in the days before The Great Distraction. (The Great Distraction, is another story, but here you can see the BIOS chip it contained), Well, a Nascom, or to be more exact, a Nascom-2, was my first (well, not really, … Read more