Welcome to my yampp project pages ! ”So what is yampp ???”, you may wonder if you’re a newcomer here. Well, so it’s another MP-3 Player. So what ? It seems that today, about second site on the ’net has a description of how to build your own MP-3 Player for the Car, Home, Jogging, … Läs mer

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Digital Guitar Tuner I’ve always liked real small chips like the Atmel 2323 and PIC 12C508. Despite their size, they contain some real power.The 2323, for instance, can be clocked at up to 10 MHz (and more if overclocked), and will perform at about 10 MIPS.10 MIPS ! … That’s about 8-9 times the original … Läs mer

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Monster Memory Did you ever think the 512 byte RAM on the At90S8515 was a bit too small ? Ever dreamed about having kiloBytes or perhaps even Megabytes of memory ? Dream no more….. Here’s how to get it. A discussion recently on the mp3projects discussion board, about using DRAM memory with small 8-bit processors … Läs mer

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Temperature Controller Wine doesn’t like subzero temperatures, and during wintertime, my ”winecellar” got pretty cold.There was an electric heating element, but the thermostat was broken, so it was either full burn or nothing. That’s how the temperature monitor/controller came to be.It was an obvious task for a small processor and I’ve always wanted to test … Läs mer

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(Direct Digital Synthesis) I often need a simple function generator. Just to generate a certain frequency. After all the years I’ve worked with electronics, I still haven’t got me one. Even though I need it now and then, I just couldn’t seem to justify the cost of one.So, standard solution – build one yourself.I designed … Läs mer

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uCOS-II AVR-GCC port The uC/OS-II Realtime OS, by Jean Labrosse, is great for learning RTOS basics.It comes with a 500 page book which describes it in detail.This is not to say that the OS is a toy. It’s a full grown and very competent OS. It even has a DO178B certification for use in medical … Läs mer

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This is another project which fullfills a need. I once built a frequency counter using plain TTL chips. That was long before the CMOS HC versions, even before LS was available.It could measure up to 50 MHz and worked quite okay, but the TTL chips was extremely power hungry. I think there was about 20-25 … Läs mer

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This is a fun project. Unfortunately, it takes some time to develop the code, so this is a work in progress and here i’ll just present the project so far. Basically the AccelR8 is a device for measuring acceleration. It can measure +/- 2 g.As it contains a microprocessor, it an also measure time. This … Läs mer

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– yet another AVR programmer This is an emergency release of my AVR programmer.Emergency, because many people have asked for it, and because I need to refer to it from the assembly instructions for yampp-3. The program works great, but it still lack some features like fuses and stuff.On the other hand, it offers some … Läs mer

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I just got an Ericsson Chatboard from a friend the other day. He notified me of the fact that the processor was aome 8051 clone, which have the same pinout as an AVR 8515 (and also mega8515, mega162).Well, that was just too tempting 😉 The chatboard is a small 100*50*12 mm keyboard with 49 keys. … Läs mer

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