Welcome to MyPlace

It’s a NEW home, and I’ve been in the process of moving in. I will start posting things when I have time.

MyPlace -under Nostalgia you can find all old stuff

On the AVR pages, you’ll find a number of electronic projects, using the AVR microcontrollers. Build yourself a winecellar controller, add disgustingly large RAM’s on a small CPU or build a precise Direct Digital Synthesis Sinewave generator.

The yampp page shows you how to build a small portable MP3 player with a Harddisk interface.
Not only that, it does it three times !
Actually, it’s a number of variants on the player for various needs.
You’ll also find PCB’s and kits here.
Build one yourself and let’s Rock’n’Roll !

Nascom… And now for something completely different…..
The Nascom 2 was my first real computer.
It was a while ago.
In 1979 to be precise.
Get ready for a trip back to the past if you enter Nascom Nostalgia !

För produkttester “bäst i test” läser ni bäst hos Testlabbet.