Jesper's AVR pages

So, finally, I've managed to put some stuff here. I hope to add more in the future.

AVR Chatboard New ! Easily convert an Ericsson Chatboard into a small keyboard for your AVR projects.

yaap A Windows AVR programmer program for programming programmable AVR's ! (Phew !)

AccelR8 in progress An AD202XL based G-meter. Put it in your car and measure horsepower and 0-60 mph times.

Countermeasures A 40+ MHz 5-digit frequency counter with an AVR 2313 and 3 TTL chips.

uC/OS-II port for AVR-GCC A port for AVR-GCC of the popular uC/OS-II Realtime OS.

Mini DDS Synthesiser updated! A "poor-mans" DDS (Direct Digital Synthesis) circuit. This one uses an AVR 2313 and a simple R2R resistor ladder network to generate frequencies from about 0.07 Hz to 200-300 kHz in 0.07 Hz steps.

Temperature Controller A temperature monitor/controller based on an AVR 2313 and a Dallas DS 1621.

Monster memory How to interface a DRAM to a 8515 and get a 512kB (or more) linear address space.

Digital Guitar Tuner A very small, but very accurate Digital Guitar Tuner with a low component count.

MP3 player This is a separate site with 4 different MP3 player designs using AVR's, as well as a simple switchmode 5V power supply with a LM2575.

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