Welcome to my corner of the Internet.

Feel free to explore my pages.....

The all new projects page with various projects that do not fit on any of the other pages. Out first is the rebuild of the Fatshark Goggles to use a 5.8GHz receiver. Not much here yet, but as I build it, you will come.

On the AVR pages, you'll find a number of electronic projects, using the AVR microcontrollers. Build yourself a winecellar controller, add disgustingly large RAM's on a small CPU or build a precise Direct Digital Synthesis Sinewave generator.

The yampp page shows you how to build a small portable MP3 player with a Harddisk interface.
Not only that, it does it three times !
Actually, it's a number of variants on the player for various needs.
You'll also find PCB's and kits here.
Build one yourself and let's Rock'n'Roll !

And now for something completely different.....
The Nascom 2 was my first real computer.
It was a while ago.
In 1979 to be precise.
Get ready for a trip back to the past if you enter Nascom Nostalgia !